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TrustedHousesitters connects pet parents with verified and reviewed sitters, who care for pets free of charge in the place they feel truly relaxed - their own home! 

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With a TrustedHousesitters membership, pet sitters can travel to new places with free accommodation and meet adorable pet pals along the way. While pet parents can jet off with peace of mind, knowing a verified and reviewed sitter is caring for their fluffy friends while they’re away - it’s win-win, either way.

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Leave your pets safe at home with a sitter, and be welcomed back by healthy and happy pets.

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“Robi & Stu were wonderful, we came home to a dog who had obviously been living her idea of heaven! We would definitely welcome them back anytime.”
“TrustedHousesitters allows such peace of mind and we can really enjoy our holidays knowing that Marley the cat and our home have been left in safe hands!”

Stuart & Richard enjoy holidays knowing cat Marley is in safe hands

Sue & Roger came home to a very happy dog

Join with 25% off

Join our community with 25% off today.

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